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Creating decriptions of products for onlinestore

What do you have to prepare when you create a website or an online store

What do you have to take care of while creating a digital project?

When you decide to create a project, you have to make a few important decisions about its design, functionalities and choose a contractor who will implement them. When you settle all of the above issues and give away the project to professionalists, you end up with a question - what else should you prepare? The website or online store are not only graphic projects and technical matters which will be handled by programmers. They also consist of various contents that encourage a user to stay on the website and delve into the presented offer.

1. Visual elements

For sure first off all, the user pays attention to all of the visual elements, such as design, photos or graphics. In many cases are used stock photos - you can choose them by yourself or give this task to web developers, who will match the right elements to your project. Sometimes, for instance when on the website or the online store you present your own products and realisations, you have to take care about professional photo sessions. Remember that the photos should be of a very good quality and definition, so they can be used for example on banners or sliders. The level of presented photographs is especially substantial, because they are usually the ones that influence users' opinion about our services or articles that we produce.

2. Texts on the website

The next step is preparing texts, which you want to place on your website. They should provide information about your company and your offer in a clear and interesting way. The type of texts should be adjusted to particular subpages and the number of details of your offer that you want to convey. Texts should contain particular keywords, which will help you in natural positioning. If you don’t have the flow and you cannot write down in a proper way things that you want to say to your potential customers you can take advantage of copywriters’ services. They will help you to create personalised content, standardised according to SEO principles. Remember that you cannot copy any content from other websites - it is treated as plagiarism, which in addition has a really bad impact on website’s positioning. If you want your website or online store to be multilingual you should take care of professional translation of your texts. You should not use online translators, which generate many errors in translation. For foreign customers an incorrect and incomprehensible text, even in their native language, may be worse than the lack of translation.

When you own an online store, you also have to provide returns and complaints policy and prepare specific forms, which customers could download on the website. Next important thing in the online store are customised descriptions for each of the products - if the description repeats, the user will be bored while viewing products and may think that he cannot get reliable information about them. This aspect is especially substantial for distributors, because when each distributor will copy the description from the producer's website, his offer will not distinguish at all and the copied content will be bad for natural positioning.