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Indexing a website

How do I index a website, online store or web application?

Indexing website, online store and web applications in Google Search engine

Every day thousands of new websites appear on the Internet. In order to occur in Google search engine results, firstly they have to be indexed in Google search engine. Index robots are searching for newly created websites. After the verification of their content, they add them to Google index. To be honest, we don’t have to do anything to make the robots visit our website. Sooner or later they will enter our page, online store or web application, but this process may take up to several weeks. For people who don’t want to wait and wish to index their website quicker, we have prepared a few directions which may help with it.

1. Adding a link in Google Search Console

The simplest and the easiest way to index the website is adding a link to your website in Google Search Console. After logging into a Google account we enter the form through which we can send the request for indexing our website. If we send the information about our new website by ourselves, we don’t have to wait for index robots to find it, which significantly decreases the waiting period.

2. Adding a sitemap

A sitemap is a file presenting the list with all of the subpages on a website. The sitemap makes it easier for robots to navigate through the website, which is especially important in case of more elaborated web designs, e-commerce projects or internet applications. The sitemap may also contain some other information, like a list of all graphic elements on the website, including pictures of the products, or the data of last modification of a subpage. If you don’t know how to make a sitemap and where to add it, ask the developer who is creating your website for help.

3. Linking our website from different web pages

Another good practice, which would facilitate indexing of the website, is adding links to our web design on various websites, especially popular ones, which have existed on the internet for some time. It is also a good idea to post a link to our website on our social media, especially on the business profiles.

4. Creating a Google My Business profile

Company’s profile in Google My Business is a great idea to present your company in a web browser and facilitate contact with customers. Adding a link to the website in the profile will also definitely help robots to find our website. Any other benefits of having Google My Business Profile have been described in our previous article.