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Online stores for small and big businesses in Oxford

Project maximising the number of interactions with customers, security and comparatively low price, which will not charge financially little companies.

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Online stores for big companies and corporations in Oxford

Personalised design dedicated to particular brand will be its showcase and will modernise work in your company.

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Select options which are best for your web design and will facilitate generation of high profit.

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At Sopchy we put on the latest UX and UI trends, which makes all of our projects a mixture of aesthetics and intuitive structure.


Each action done on your website is potential gain for your company. This is why we put great attention to increasing the number of conversions.


We conduct a range of advanced tests on web designs, due to guarantee the compatibility with all mobile devices.


Additional securities implemented by our specialists ensure stable work of web design. It is extremely essential for Open Source systems.


If you want to talk about designing and maintaining a website for your company, call us. We will gladly answer all of your questions at +48 577 99 34 34.


Provide appropriate advertisements for your website and reach as large group of recipients as possible.

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7 things you should know about a web design (if you are interested)

We exactly know and understand that not everybody can familiarise with the details of programming (especially if he runs his own business). We have prepared the list of 7 substantial aspects, which are worth your attention, if you want to briefly acquaintance with rudimentary issues concerning web designs.

1. The first impression of the user

We are happy to welcome you in a group of 15% of the users of our websites, who read this. Each recipient forms an opinion about your site just in 5 seconds. If you don’t manage to make a good impression, he will consider exploring your site as a waste of time. Consequently your chances for conversion fall (check what are the conversions in point 2).

2. Conversions (customers activities)

Do you want to know what a conversion is? It’s each activity of the user, which is done on your web design. To demonstrate the client visits your website, signs up to the newsletter, chats online with your employees, calls the office or writes an email with the request of estimating your services. All of the mentioned steps are conversions. The goal of your website’s creator should be to prepare such a project that multiplies the number of conversions. For instance:

Do you have questions about your website? Leave us your phone number. We will call you back.

3. Responsiveness

It's our standard to make such web designs, which are compatible with mobile devices. Considering the fact that almost 80% of internet traffic is generated by the users of tablets and smartphones, your web design has to properly display on all mobile devices. Otherwise you will expose yourself on the loss of customers, who will search for some other offers among your competitors. The designer who creates your website should conduct many tests on all of the latest mobile devices, different web browsers (like Safari, Chrome, IE) and operative systems (iOS, Android).

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Being on the first site of search results in Google demands accurate steps, which optimise your website with a view to SEO. Indeed, these steps influence natural positioning of your web design. If you put unique content on the website and you update it regularly, index robots will assume it as precious. Similarly crucial is putting key phrases in the headlines on your web design. You can choose from h1,h2,h3,h4,h5,h6. Let’s say you have in the offer web design, then in h2 you should place a text:

"web design Oxford"

It’s not easy to be at the top on the scale of a whole country. Even if it’s possible it demands a lot of work and time. Much easier and advantageous for your business may appear local positioning (eg.: web design Oxford) where the competition is smaller. In natural positioning also may help links directing to our website - they can be placed on some other web designs (optimally of the similar theme) or inside your own site. Look at the below offer of online store designing.

5. Sources of website traffic

There are many costly, cheap or even free ways of promotion of your web design. By looking at the profile of your business, you have to consider which will be actually beneficial for you and will generate real profit. For example you may use above mentioned natural positioning and optimise your site according to SEO. Moreover you can buy sponsored links in a web browser, banner advertisements on other websites or in the social media or video spots on YouTube. Next way to advertise your web design is running a profile on Facebook or Instagram. Recommendations of satisfied customers are also very essential.

6. Analysis of visitor behavior

The majority of visitors do not delve into the content of websites. It is confirmed by Google Analytics and other tracking devices. Such devices can inform you about the sources of visits, the time spent in particular subpages, types of conversions or even user’s localisation. This knowledge is crucial in further rationalisation of your website. If you want to know more than just numbers, we will prepare a script that saves video recordings of the users browser window on the website.

7. Website maintenance and security

It is a mistake to underestimate the role of the server, on which a website is hosted. Not to deepen into the mysteries of SySOps i DevOp, you should only remember that the most important are the frequency of creating independent backup copies of files and the database (at least once a day) and the price of their restoration (it should be free). Other fundamental issues are the amount of disk space and RAM.

Frequent questions

What is the cost and the time of realisation of a website?

The variety of website designs is huge. Therefore, we can specify the approximate price and lead time after discussing your expectations. Fill out the website pricing form - we will contact you within 1 business day.

How do we conclude a website contract?

We start co-operation on the day of signing the contract. We can conclude it fully remotely (up to GBP 50,000 net) or at a meeting in the office of one of the parties.

Do you conduct website training?

Of course! We will show you how to manage subpages, change contact details, add new photos, etc. Remember that our technical support also applies after completing work on your website.

Do I have to appear in your office?

The specificity of our industry allows us to implement projects 100% remotely. After all, we like to host clients in our office. Therefore, if you feel like it, we invite you for a cup of freshly ground coffee and a cake.

How to pronounce the name "Sopchy"?

By definition, we pronounce it in accordance with English phonetics, which is simply [sɒptʃiː] (this is a very simplified phonetic notation!). You can pronounce it in any way you want.