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Over 65% of clients choose our service after recommendation.

Web designs for small companies in Birmingham

Professional appearance, high efficiency and relatively low price, which will not charge the budget of a small company.

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Web designs for big companies in Birmingham

Design created from the ground up for specific brands will reflect its character and automate the work.

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Advertising of your services

Web design without proper advertising may not make any profit. Check how to gain new customers.

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The standard of web designs in Birmingham


Regardless of brand and style of web design, a good project has to connect aesthetics and intuitive structure. At Spochy, we use the latest UX and UI trends.


Each interaction with the customer (conversion) is a potential profit of your company. This is why we put great focus on maximising the number of conversions.


We use comfortable solutions for the users of mobile devices. In addition before we complete our work we do a number of advanced tests.


To each web design we attach additional security, which ensures its stable operation. It is especially crucial with Open Source systems.

Care and support

If you need any support in operating a company website, ask us for free help. We are available at +44 7541 287643.


Even the best website without sufficient advertising may not bring expected results. We will be glad to tell you how to reach your target group.

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7 Key aspects of a web design (for inquisitive)

We are aware of the fact that the majority of entrepreneurs do not have time to get into the secrets of programming (and that's okay!). Especially for them we prepared the description of 7 key aspects, which have to be considered before creating a good web design. Remember that poorly prepared websites will not bring you any profit, on the contrary it will generate unnecessary costs.

1. First impression after loading a website

If you read this, it means that you're among 15% of our website users. We have approximately 5 seconds to make a good impression. After this time a potential customer decides if your company is worth his attention. If from the very beginning you make a positive impression, your chances for conversion increase. We wrote about conversions in point 2.

2. Customers interactions (conversions)

Let's explain what conversion is. It is the assumed action of a potential customer. This is best explained on the example. The potential client visits a website and completes the form, sends the request for estimation, calls the company or uses live chat. Each of these actions mentioned above is conversion. The role of the web creator is to make a project, which will maximises the number of conversions. Below we show the example of such action.

Do you have questions about the website? Leave us your phone number. We will call you back.

3. Responsiveness

In 2019, approximately 78% of internet traffic came from mobile devices. If a web design is not displayed properly on mobile devices, its owner loses his potential clients, who will probably use some other offer. Remember that a website should be tested by its creator on each latest mobile device (and not only). Its display is influenced by, among others, the size of the device, the browser (e.g. Safari, Chrome, Opera, IE) or operating system (iOS, Android, Windows).

4. SEO optimisation (Search Engine Optimisation)

It is not possible to appear on the first page on Google without sufficient web design optimisation. What is it? Robots index data collected from websites and save them in the database. Retained information are analysed according to an algorithm created by Google specialists. Currently the most substantial for positioning, among others, are the amount of specific content and their frequent updating on a web design. (the more, the better). One of the important elements of SEO is locating selected keywords in appropriate headings on a website - h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. To illustrate, while you are interested in a phrase "web designs", in h2 headline you should place a text

"web designs"

Remember that local positioning (e.g. web designs Birmingham) is much easier because of a smaller competition. In case of popular services the appearance in TOP 10 in England is difficult and time consuming, however it is possible. The second crucial element which should be taken into consideration are links to your website. They may come from other websites or from your own website. An example is following redirect to the offer of creating online stores (it's best if linked pages are thematically related):

5. Sources of website traffic

Website traffic may come from various sources. Depending on specifics of the , you may use only chosen ones. At your disposal there are: natural search engine results (SEO and positioning), paid search engine links (Google Ads - formerly AdWords), banner ads on other websites (Google Ads), ads on YouTube (Google Ads), entries to the page on the recommendation (word of mouth, your customers' facebook, business cards), access to the page from social media (profiles of your company).

6. Analysis of visitor's behaviour

The majority of web designs users familiarise briefly with their content. Confirmation of this thesis can be found, for instance in Google Analytics and in many other "tracking" tools. On their basis we can accurately specify, among others, sources of visits, duration of visits on individual tabs of the web design, number of conversions or geolocation of visitors. The analysis of visitor's behaviour is the basis of web design improvement. Do you think that numbers are not enough? For the most demanding clients we are ready to prepare a script that saves video recordings of the users browser window on the web design.

7. Website maintenance and security

Many programmers do not know how crucial is a server, on which the websites or web apps are located. Depending on the type of project, we focus on components' security and efficiency. However, to understand this aspect well, specialised knowledge of SysOps and DevOps is necessary, but you don't need to have it. Universal aspects, which should be taken into account are the amount of disk space, the frequency of creating independent backup copies of files and the database (preferably if such a copy is created daily), the cost of restoring the backup of files and the database (optimally if it is 0 GBP).

Frequent questions

What is the cost and the time of realisation of a website?

The variety of website designs is huge. Therefore, we can specify the approximate price and lead time after discussing your expectations. Fill out the website pricing form - we will contact you within 1 business day.

How do we conclude a website contract?

We start co-operation on the day of signing the contract. We can conclude it fully remotely (up to GBP 50,000 net) or at a meeting in the office of one of the parties.

Do you conduct website training?

Of course! We will show you how to manage subpages, change contact details, add new photos, etc. Remember that our technical support also applies after completing work on your website.

Do I have to appear in your office?

The specificity of our industry allows us to implement projects 100% remotely. After all, we like to host clients in our office. Therefore, if you feel like it, we invite you for a cup of freshly ground coffee and a cake.

How to pronounce the name "Sopchy"?

By definition, we pronounce it in accordance with English phonetics, which is simply [sɒptʃiː] (this is a very simplified phonetic notation!). You can pronounce it in any way you want.