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Types of internet advertisement

How to advertise your website and online store?

Advertisement is especially important for people who have just started their business. They want to introduce themselves and gain new customers. There are many types of advertisement, both paid and free ones. We can think about leaflets, posters or advertisements on a local radio. However, more and more people are choosing internet advertising, because thanks to this they can achieve a wider group of recipients. Here we also have many options to choose from. At the beginning we have to decide if we want to present our offer on portals, such as eBay, Etsy, Trust a Trader, etc. or create our own website or online store. Each portal has internal proposals for promoting offers. When we have our own project, we can decide on many solutions, which we have described below. It is worth remembering that a website or online store is only a tool that we can use in promotion of our company. Even the best project without proper advertisement can be unnoticed by a user.

Not every kind of advertising will be appropriate for your company and instead of generating profits and attracting new clients, it will be only an additional cost. First of all you have to think where your customers are looking for your services - in a search engine or social maybe social media? Secondly, think about the main points of your campaign. Especially at the start it is good to limit the advertisement to the top services and when the advertisement will bring profit, you can expand your campaign. Next you have to select the right type of advertisement for you. Below we have described them to make this choice easier.

Natural positioning

Natural positioning (or organic positioning) is in other words a collection of actions, which aim to place our site on the top position in Google search engine. It is an elaborate and long term process, which can last even up to a few months before we reach our goal. The appearance on the first site of the search results in the search engine depends, among others, on how we adjust our website to the search engine algorithm’s guidelines - to put it differently if search engine’s indexing robots assume our site as valuable.

Unfortunately no one knows exactly how this algorithm works, but there were predicted some steps, which consequent realisation facilitates positioning of our application, web design or online store. Predominantly we have to take care of SEO optimisation (intuitive structure, proper headlines, call to action elements, internal linking, etc.) - this should be done by developers who are doing your project. Next we have to bring regular actions, such as publishing valuable content for readers, which includes a sufficient number of keywords and phrases compatible with the theme of our site or linking our website or online store from other reliable and qualitative sites (optimally of the same topic).

Google Ads platform

Advertisements offered by Google Ads are in other words sponsored links, which display to users, who are interested in a particular service or product, in the form of a text, graphic or video. There are many types of campaigns, in which you can invest to efficiently access the group of your potential clients. What’s important your advertisement will display soon after running a campaign, so you don’t have to wait for results as it is in case of natural positioning.There are many possibilities and despite that advertising actions which are done via Google Ads are relatively fast, they have to be selected in such a way, which allows the effective rivalry with competitors and at the same time doesn’t ‘burn out’ the budget.

Search engine

One of the available options is a campaign in the search engine, in which your site will be distinguished from other search positions and placed on the top or on the bottom of search results, with an “Ad” annotation. This is the best option for companies, who deal with providing particular services - you’ll emphasise the link to your website with a short description of your offer. It’s crucial that sponsored search results in contrast with natural results display over a map. Before starting the campaign in the search engine, think about the phrases on which you want to display (what a user has to type in the search engine to see your advertisement). It is also essential to specify a location of your advert. It is better to start with a specific city or county.

Product campaign

However, if you conduct sales, the best option for you is a product campaign. When a user enters keywords, which refer to your assortment, he sees your products at the top of the search engine with the photo and the price. Product advertisement will also contain a link to your website, where the product can be purchased.

Video campaign

Another type of Google Ads are video campaigns, where you can place your own promotional film, which can display in various formats. In-Stream format means that your video will display before, in the middle of after another video, with or without the possibility to skip it (lasting 15 seconds). Out-Stream video ads display on various websites, beside YouTube, only on mobile devices. In turn Discovery adverts display only on YouTube and they appear when a user is reviewing contents on other web designs. If you are interested in creating short movies, which will catch the attention of recipients, think about making an advertising bumper (a movie lasting no more than 6 seconds, which cannot be skipped).

Banner and text campaign

Thanks to these campaigns, as it’s stated in their titles, you can create banner and text ads, which display to users on various pages, such as popular pages, blogs and other websites of Google partners. The target group of such campaigns are most often the users, who have already made some contact with your company (so-called remarketing). It means that the users who have already visited your website and probably are interested in your offer, will see the banners with your advert.

Social Media

Depending on the company's profile, social media can be one of the biggest sources of recipients, to whom you can reach. Thanks to social media you can not only promote your services or increase sales, but also you can build an image of your company and arise among potential consumers. Social media also allows easy and quick contact with the customers through responding to private messages or comments. What’s more, thanks to accurate definition of your target group you may access people, who are actually interested in your offer.

Influencer marketing

It is another form of web advertising, which is carried out by so-called influencers, which means a person who runs a blog, vlog on YouTube or profile on social media, where he posts contents observed by numerous people. Influencers are opinion-forming people, which have an impact on their observers’ opinions. They are perceived by customers as people, who want to share their knowledge about the product, without pressing anybody for its purchase. In this way they create a bond with a customer, which relies on credibility and trust.