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What is a Software House?

Software House a company that creates dedicated software. It is worth mentioning that the process of creation includes not only the design and implementation of an application. Contrary to digital agencies, the team of software house has advanced knowledge in programming. The elaborated process of creating application demands the involvement of many specialists of various professions, for instance consulting or business analysis. A good software characterise not only with designing the application, but also guiding you through the process of realisation of your project.

What kinds of softwares are created by our Software House?

Our software house creates both web applications and mobile applications.

Web application (internet) opens just the same as any other web design in a web browser (Safari, Google Chrome, IE). To open a web application you just need a device that is connected to the internet.

Mobile app has to be downloaded and installed on a chosen mobile device (eg. from Google Play or App Store). Thanks to this an application can gain the access to particular functions and resources of a smartphone, which gives more possibilities. For instance the user can connect the application with his localisation, microphone, internal memory, etc.

Everyday we make both mobile apps and web apps, which are internally integrated via REST API. The prominent example of such an application, which works in both versions is Facebook, the app which web version can be opened in a web browser and mobile version can be downloaded on smartphone or tablet.

What programming languages and technologies are used in our Software House?

When we create web apps we choose mostly PHP and JavaScript languages, which are the foundation of application and its integration with database. Of course we imply some other languages, which are selected according to functions and destination of application. In case of databases we usually use MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebase. Sometimes we employ frameworks ((Laravel, Symfony, Vue.js, React.js.), but only if the client assumes it as beneficial for him.

In turn when we realise the project of mobile application, we prefer Xamarin and React Native technology (systematically expanded by Facebook Inc. - the creator of Facebook App, Instagram and WhatsApp). In case of programming languages used to make applications, we choose predominantly Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin and Swift. Thanks to such solutions we can create hybrid apps, the one that are adjusted both to Android and iOS. The hybrid version of an application can increase the cost of the whole project, because 30% of a code is assumed as native (individual for each operative system), however remaining 70% of the code can be shared between these two systems.