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The customer of software house

Software house or freelancer - to whom confide the realisation of your project?

Software house vs freelancer

The number of offers relating to IT and programming services, which you can find on the internet is infinite. What’s more, wide diversity and price variability may be confusing for a contractor, who aims to start successful and productive collaboration, without generating unnecessary costs. The article below will bring you some details of working with a freelancer and a software house and help you to choose the best performer of your order.


They are people, who work on their own account and autonomously, in chosen days and hours, most frequently from their houses. Freelancers usually deal with a whole project realisation and things related to it by themselves. For example they take care of customer service, planning, programming, designing, testing, etc. This often lowers the price of a project, but it raises many doubts about remaining standards, which increases so-called project risk. Sometimes it happens that freelancers do the projects in their off-hours, after their 9 to 5 job, which can generate problems with their availability, engagement and efficiency.

A software house

Collaboration with a software house is totally different. It’s a company, consisting of specialists with technical knowledge and concrete qualifications, such as analysis, graphic design, programming, testing and advertisement. Cooperation with a software house is often regulated with various types of contracts, like NDA, SLA, MDA or SOW, which guarantees safety and specified quality of the service. A team of a software house has to constantly update their knowledge according to technical development, so you can be sure that they use the latest trends and solutions. Furthermore their experience enables them to create even the most advanced projects with a great number of functionalities. Collaboration with a software house entails a larger investment, however it must be remembered that this is the investment in quality assurance and minimal project risk.