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What is a Software House?

Software House is a company, which is involved with creating dedicated software. People, who form a software house team, have a wide range of technological knowledge. However, they aren't only programmers. Creation of software demands passing many stages, such as business analysis or consulting in the planning stage. A reliable software not only takes care of making applications, but also will be your guide through the process.

What kinds of softwares are created by our Software House?

Our Software House creates web applications and mobile applications.

Web applications (also called internet applications) can be opened in a similar way as websites in a web browser (for instance Google Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari). The user can enjoy its functions practically on each kind of device - all he needs is access to the internet.

To use a mobile app you have to install it on a chosen mobile device. Primarily the installation is done via Google Play or App Store. The advantage of such a solution is simplified access from the application's level to smartphone's resources, such as internal memory, contacts, microphone, localisations or possibility to operate offline.

Everyday we make both web and mobile applications with internal integration through REST API. The illustration of an application in both versions is Facebook, which can be opened in a web browser as a web application or downloaded on smartphones as a mobile application.

What technologies and programming languages are used in our Software House?

Programming languages PHP and JavaScript are the base of our web application projects and communication with databases. Other programming languages are also always used in web projects, but they are treated as additional help to some functions. In the case of databases we apply, among others, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebase. In special cases (if it's profitable for the client) we use frameworks like Laravel, Symfony, Vue.js, React.js.

While making mobile apps we apply technologies like Xamarin and React Native (regularly developed by Facebook Inc.), which has created mobile apps, such as Facebook App, Instagram, WhatsApp). Because of these comparatively innovative solutions we are able to create hybrid applications, which are compatible with Android and iOS systems. Making hybrid applications can be more beneficial because just about 30% of code is native and has to be written individually for each operative system. Remaining 70% of code is shared between both systems. To make mobile apps we use mostly Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin and Swift programming languages.