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What is Software House?

Software House is a company that creates dedicated software. In contrast with interactive agencies, software house team has a considerable amount of technological knowledge. Nonetheless software house consits not only of programmers. Creating a software is elaborated process, that includes also business analysis and consultancy on the planning stage. A good software house crates not only an application, but also leads you through the whole process of creation.

What types of softwares are created by our Software House?

Our software house deals with creating web and mobile applications.

Web application (or Internet application) can be opened in a same way as web designs in a web browser (for instance Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari). The user can benefit from its functions virtually on every device with the acces to the Inernet.

Mobile application has to be installed on selected device, primarily via Google Play or app Store. It is advantageous because thanks to that from the application level we have easier acces to our smartphone's resurces, such as internal memory, contacts, microphone, localisations or possibility to operate offline.

In practice we eventually create both versions of applications, that contain integral integration through REST or API. The ideal example of such solution is Facebook, which provides web application and at the same time offers mobile application, which can be installed on your smartphone.

What programming language and technologies are used in our Software House?

In case of web projects we predominantly focus on PHP and JavaScript languages. Of course we use always some additional supporting programming language, but nonetheless these are PHP or JavaScript that form the base for web applications and communicate with database.

In regards to mobile applications, usually we base on React Native technology, constantly developed by Facebook Inc. (this company has a highly successful projects, like Facebook App, Instagram and WhatsApp). We also use Xamarin technology. Both technologies are relatively new tools, which allow to implementation of hybrid mobile apps - compatible with Android and iOS system. Since it is estimated that the code may be shared in 70%, the cost of project is significantly smaller. On the other hand, 30% is a native code (which is created individually for operating systems).The major programming languages that we use in case of mobile software, are Java, JavaScript, Python, Kotlin oraz Swift.