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PWA - Progressive Web Application

PWA - What is it?

Until now we have described many types of applications, for instance mobile, web, native, hybrid or webview apps. However, we can still distinguish other kinds of applications, which have distinctive features. We can add to this category PWA (Progressive Web Application).

1. How does PWA work?

PWA is a web application. It means that we open it as any other website, in a web browser, without the necessity of downloading it from App Store or Google Play. The great advantage of PWA is that it will work both on the computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Each page should open as a different URL address. Nevertheless progressive apps thanks to their look and functions may resemble mobile applications. The feeling of using a mobile app is caused for instance by the possibility of downloading the icon to the screen of our mobile or desktop device. What’s more some PWA functions work offline. This is why it’s called progressive application, because we can decide (taking into account technical limitations) to what extent it will resemble native application and which functions will work offline.

2. When to decide to PWA?

It’s a good solution for those, who want their application to be at the same time web, mobile and have a version adjusted to desktop devices. PWA applications are responsive by default (often created in mobile first technology), fast and safe. We have to be aware that apart from the resemblance with mobile application, it is still web application and we cannot imply all of the functions, which will be possible in case of native application. Definitely it is a good idea for those who want to try their idea and create an MVP application, which will have only basic functions. Then progressive application will help us to verify who the users of our application are, what devices they use the most often and which functions are more or less necessary. Thanks to such information we know in which direction we should expand and develop our project.