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Choosing payment system for online store

The best payment system for e-commerce

Which payment system to choose for online store

While choosing the payment system, it is extremely essential to check if the particular system is popular among our target group. If the payment system is recognised by customers and they will consider it as trustworthy, the chance that they will make the payment is much greater. Next important thing is available methods of transaction - acceptance of VISA and MasterCard, Google Pay, Apple Pay or possibility of integration with PayPal. Security and comfort of making payments are for sure the most substantial dimensions, which one should take into consideration while choosing the online payment system. Each entrepreneur will also pay attention to the required initial and fixed costs and the commission for realised transactions. Additional costs may involve for instance withdrawal of financial means or return money to customer’s account in case of order cancellation. The last significant thing is if the chosen payment system may be integrated with the e-commerce platform that we use. The most popular systems have a range of ready-made integrations with WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Shoper and many other platforms. However, if we decide on a niche solution, we have to take into account that it may be problematic to connect our online store with the payment system.

1. How to choose a payment system?

For sure first off all, the user pays attention to all of the visual elements, such as design, photos or graphics. In many cases are used stock photos - you can choose them by yourself or give this task to web developers, who will match the right elements to your project. Sometimes, for instance when on the website or the online store you present your own products and realisations, you have to take care about professional photo sessions. Remember that the photos should be of a very good quality and definition, so they can be used for example on banners or sliders. The level of presented photographs is especially substantial, because they are usually the ones that influence users' opinion about our services or articles that we produce.

2. Popular payment systems in the UK

The most frequently chosen online payment suppliers in the UK are WordPay, PayPal, Stripe and Amazon Payments. Which system you will choose for your business, depends especially on your individual needs and preferences. It is good to contact the supplier directly and ask for a personalised offer for your business. When you choose a payment system for international customers, you should check which system is the most popular in the countries to which you sell the most. For example, on the Scandinavian market it is good to choose DIBS, Klarna and Vipps. In Germany popular payment systems are Stripe, 2 Checkout and PayFast.

Definitely the most recognised and universal payment system is PayPal. Although compared with other suppliers PayPal has relatively high commissions, it offers the solution that gained trust of customers all over the world, which influences the number of conversions. The PayPal system provides its users with the online wallet, thanks to which they can manage their money from many resources and transfer them electronically to a chosen group of recipients, without sharing bank data. PayPal offers payments in 29 different currencies, together with a conversion in current exchange rate. It accepts several kinds of payment cards (including VISA, MasterCard, American Express and others).

Stripe payment system gains popularity in many countries. It provides a wide range of online payments, including paying with card, eWallet, Apple Pay and Google Pay. The big advantage of this payment system supplier is accepting over 135 currencies. Stripe also enables advanced options of e-commerce payment system personalisation. What is more, thanks to numerous integrations you can connect Stripe with other services and optimize conducted transactions more efficiently.

Amazon Payments is another online payment platform, which gains popularity. This system enables its users to conduct online transactions via Amazon accounts - thanks to saved user data you do not have to enter them each time you buy something online, which makes the payment process quicker. Amazon Payments offers also an innovative solution - the help of Alexa assistant, which provides voice notifications about the status of our order.

Wordpay is one of the most popular payment gateways in the United Kingdom. It accepts various payment methods, including major credit and debit cards, eWallet, PayPal and many others. It supports about 120 currencies. Wordpay also offers personalisation of payment webpages, so you can adjust it to your company’s profile and provide an appropriate level of user experience.