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Outsourcing programmer

IT outsourcing and software in leasing

A payment plan for programming services

Deciding for outsourcing of programming services allows optimisation of company’s expenditure, at the same time ensuring advanced technical support. Thanks to ordering IT operations outside the company we don’t have to hire a technical team or buy relevant electrical equipment. What’s more, we provide ourselves a group of specialists with knowledge and experience in various areas of programming, such as creating dedicated software or modernisation of IT systems.

However, it’s worth mentioning that investment in expansion of a company’s website or creation of integrated ERP or CRM systems is capital expenditure (CapEx). It’s investment in the future, which effects will be visible only after some time. This is associated with a bit of risk and necessity for creating specific business plans for the whole investment. We are aware that gaining funds for single payment regulation (even for a system that is indisputably necessary) may be difficult.

To simplify cooperation with our software house, we have introduced the possibility of paying for outsourcing services in instalments, spread even for several months, without any additional commission. We also offer the option of paying for our services in the form of indirect leasing. It works on the same principles as car or property leasing. To say more, you can enjoy outsourcing services of our software house or produced software and a matter of finance will be directed to a selected leasing company, with which we will together obtain cooperation.

Both possibilities of leasing and spreading payment in installments is for sure a big convenience for your business. Thanks to this the cost of programming services, or creation of dedicated software will vanish in operating costs, which in result will be a great relief for your company’s budget.