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Outsourcing - what is it?


The name outsourcing is an acronym for outside-resource-using, which means in general the use of external resources.

To specify, programming outsourcing includes directing tasks connected with programming to some external service-providers, who specialise in this field and are able to take over the works on technological and operative aspects of the project. These works usually involve providing additional IT service and support for the company in actions, such as development and management of mobile applications, web applications, web designs, online stores, software and databases.

Why outsourcing?

In most cases the companies decide for programming outsourcing because they do not have enough time, resources or materials to do it by themselves. The cooperation with a proper software house can be a chance for income generation for your company through cost optimisation, increasing efficiency and gaining professional support of experts having profound technological knowledge.

We are at your disposal.

When you decide to use our software house services you can count on help and support of qualified and experienced programmers, who are experts in their field. Thanks to transferring programming tasks to them, you will not have to bother with elaborated technical issues and you will have more time to devote on other matters, which are paramount for your business development. Solutions created on the basis of business strategies, needs of our clients and respecting their approximate monthly budget facilitate cost rationalisation, in such a way to not burden company's finance.

Commission of programming works to our experts doesn't mean that you will lose control over them. You can constantly communicate with our software house team, due to ensure that all of the work is conducted in a way that is satisfactory for you.