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Nottingham - Queen of the Midlands

Meet Nottingham

Nottingham is a city in central Midlands with the population of almost 788 thousand inhabitants. Nottingham is widely recognised thanks to its industries that make lace, bicycles and tobacco. We dedicate our services of creating web and mobile apps, web designs, online stores and e-commerce to local companies and businesses in Nottingham.

1. Nottingham history and legends

Nottingham is connected with the legend of Robin Hood, a legendary figure who robbed the rich and gave away that money to the poor. The greatest villain in the story is the Sheriff of Nottingham - a vicious dictator who abused the local community of Nottinghamshire. If you're more into Nottingham history then you should visit Nottingham Castle - former royal fortress and residence situated on a high rock with the stunning view over the city.

2. Top places to visit in Nottingham

If you want to explore the city, you should visit Wollaton Hall and Park, one of the greatest Elizabethan mansions, situated among splendid parkland. In turn the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall is a venue where you can experience entertainment at the highest level. What is more you should check Old Market Square - a place of the greatest events and seasonal happenings.