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MVP Applications

MVP - Minimum Viable Product

Innovative ideas and their consequent realisation carry with them not only large potential, but also great risk. This is why together with the apps’ owners we decided to divide the contract into stages. First of them is the creation of an MVP app version, the one that has the minimum number of key functionalities.

1. The advantages of creating MVP application version

The main advantages are fast delivery time and low price. However, it must be remembered that it is only caused by the minimal number of functions, which will be implemented by a software house. Thanks to making the MVP app version, we can at a low cost check if our idea is good and how it will be accepted by our potential customers. The feedback you receive from recipients, will help you to verify how to further develop your app, what functions are the most desired and which are totally unnecessary.

2. When is it worth creating an MVP app version?

Doubts about the successful application’s launch on a market or the lack of sufficient budget are the two most frequent dimensions that influence the decision about preparing an app in MVP version. When you aren’t sure if your assumptions cover real users’ needs and you don’t want to risk the loss of time and money to verify this, you should go for MVP strategy.

3. Risk connected with launching of a basic version of web application and mobile application

The first impression can be made only once. If we introduce to the user the product with a small number of functions, they may consider it as unuseful and it will be hard to change their minds in the future. It’s also wrong to think that MVP may stay the eventual version of our app or that it can be monetised very quickly. Such a way of thinking drifts us apart from creating an app, which functions should serve as many people as possible. Moreover wrongly established priorities can turn our great application project into a fiasco.