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How to create an efficient landing page?

Landing page - what is it?

1. What are the types of landing page?

Landing page is a target site, where a user “lands” in a particular goal referring to marketing activities, which we’re currently conducting. Such a goal may be for example promoting a particular product, subscribing to a newsletter, encouraging to join a concrete event, etc. In contrast to a company's website, a landing page contains consistent, brief information, which should trigger specific conversions. Landing page may be a part (micro-site) of our company’s website or online store, also it can be a separate website (most often of one-page type).

We can distinguish several kinds of landing pages, which are selected according to the marketing plan that we want to realise. Click Through Landing Page encourages to visit some other site, where we can find more expanded content, for example additional information or all of the products from our offer. The purpose of Lead Generation Landing Page is to collect customer’s data (e-mail address, phone number) by filling a form. It’s worth considering what exact data the form should collect, so it won’t be too long and at the same time will gather all of the key information. Sale Landing Page promotes concrete product or service (this site may be extended with additional e-commerce elements, for instance online payments, which will shorten the sales path. Coming Soon Landing Page promotes future events or products that will appear in our offer soon. This is the way to inform customers about our future plans, attract their attention and check their potential reactions.

2. How to create an efficient landing page?

If a landing page should play a concrete role it has to be prepared properly, to bring expected effects. First of all a landing page has to be clear and contain precise content. Detailed information will just distract a user and may discourage him to do particular conversions. Most importantly we must pay attention to the text in our headline of the landing page, because it will be the most frequently (or exclusively) read text on the site. If we place in the headline a text that is both simple and catchy, we will get users’ attention and hold them on our landing page for some longer time. Secondly, we have to take care about the design of our landing page - modern and coherent design will for sure make the landing page more interesting for users. The most noticeable point on the landing page should be a Call To Action button. The button should have a proper name, which will directly tell the user what will happen if he presses the button. Usually CAT button contains statements like “Subscribe to a newsletter”, “Fill the form”, “Create user’s account”, “Add to cart”.

Apart from graphic design, equally essential are texts, which we will place on the landing page. We already know that the content of the landing page should be short and precise, but what message should they contain? Generally speaking, we have to describe benefits which the user will get if he chooses our product or service. The details about our offer and experience are for sure substantial, but this kind of information should be left on the company’s website. If we exactly point out what the customer will get from buying the product or subscribing to a newsletter, the customer receives a clear message, so it’s more probable that he will do a conversion, because he is aware of what the goal of this conversion is.

The last but not least aspect is placing remarketing pixels on the landing page, which will enhance our advertising campaigns. Thanks to this our campaign will get to the people, who have already seen our offer, so it’s more likely that they are really interested in it. We can’t forget about proper Google Analytics parameters, which allow following users behaviour and checking if our landing page is really effective.