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Analysing offers of creating a website

How to choose the developer of the project of an application, web design or online store?

How to find a perfect developer for your project?

Searching for a developer is one of the most important decisions, which you have to make during realisation of the whole project. Eventually, you have to choose a person who understands your project and thanks to his knowledge and skills will reconstruct it in particular technology. But where to start the quest to find a group of reliable contractors? How to identify if the developers will meet your expectations and collaboration with them will proceed without any problems? Answering these questions will to a large degree ease finding somebody, who will take care of your project with the greatest attention to each detail.

1. Where to search for developers?

Of course the easiest way to find a developer is by gaining contact data to the recommended software developers company or searching for services that we need through Google search engine. After writing specific phrases, such as “mobile applications” or “web design” we will see many results, which we would have to sequentially analyse. Next option is to use Facebook groups, which gather people and companies creating websites, online stores, applications, graphics, dealing with positioning or internet marketing. In the group we can publish a post, which will describe our expectations and invite people, who are interested in your offer, to contact you. While writing a post in your group, remember to describe your requirements as precisely as possible. If your description is too general, you will probably get a dozen offers with equally general information, which verification will be very time consuming. What’s more there are also portals, on which you can publish announcements about searching for a contractor in a particular field and wait for offers from people who are interested.

2. What should you pay attention to?

Actually, whatever source of searching you use, you will get a large amount of feedback. So how to verify, which from a dozen of offers is the best? First of all you have to consider if the contractor of your project should be a freelancer or a software house / digital agency. The differences between collaboration with a private contractor and a company were described in our previous article Software House of Freelancer.

Next it is worth checking what is the experience of our potential contractor and what technical and aesthetic level represent his projects. The fastest way to investigate it is to look through a portfolio, which is a real reflection of someone’s skills. Remember that you do not always have to look if a contractor has a wide range of additional services, for example leaflet printing, creating advertising banners, etc. Sometimes it is better to choose contractors who are focused on their specialisations and develop their skills in a particular direction. In addition it is good to look at the opinions and reviews, for example on a Google business profile. The most credible are those opinions which are signed with a name, surname or company name - however we should not assume that opinions signed with a nickname are fake.

Additionally, the most important aspect which you have to think about is price. The diversity of costs can be considerably wide, so that it is worth analysing what the ratio of service quality and price is. Apart from things which we can assess thanks to the portfolio it is also significant if the offer is clear, lucid and does not contain any hidden costs, for example for exceeding the limit of adjustments, purchasing images for the website, buying and updating domain and hosting - the best when we pay for them the price which is similar to one offered by their supplier, including eventual fee for help with configuration. Equally important is customer service and flexibility during cooperation. Certainly it is better to work with people with whom you contact frequently and who take your opinion into account. Remember that they do not have to be based near your location. The majority of projects can be consulted remotely, during a video conversation and all the necessary documentation can be sent via email.

To sum up, while choosing the contractor of our project the most important is if they offer the price reflecting the quality of his services and if they ensure communication on appropriate level. The combination of these two aspects guarantees that the project will be made earnestly and we will be regularly informed about all actualisations.