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Planning budget for creating a website.

How much is the website?

What is the cost of creating a website

What’s the cost of the website - this question seems to be the most intriguing for people, who are thinking about creating their own website. It is not surprising, because the budget which we want to devote to a particular project is usually defined. Of course it applies to the costs of creating online stores, web applications and mobile applications as well, however these are generally more advanced projects and what follows the cost of their realisation starts from the particular rank. The situation for web design is a bit different - we can create a basic website, on which we will place elementary information about our company or elaborate website with individual graphic design and many functionalities. We can see that there is no one answer for the question of what the cost of the website is. Without the knowledge of a website's features it is also hard to give an accurate price range, because it would be too wide to suggest how we should plan our budget. Each project of the website should be estimated individually, on the basis of specific requirements and preference.

1. What influences the cost of the website

There are many factors that have an impact on the web design price. The most important of them are for sure the type of design (for example very high aesthetical level, advanced animations, etc.) and every kind of functionalities. You can read more about different kinds of graphic design in our previous article. Functions on the website are all of the dynamic elements, which have specific roles, other than the visual. Such functions may be for example booking systems, offer configurators, interactive forms or various integrations. Each additional function and the level of its advancement will influence the price of the project. In case of integrations with various external systems it is good to check if any license fees are demanded. The amount of the content that we want to place on our website is also a very substantial aspect - the more texts and graphics the more elaborated structure has to be prepared and what follows the amount of work on the website will be bigger.

2. Other fees

The website is not only a project and its implementation. There are also other things that go beyond the scope of programmers work, but are necessary to complete the website. First of all, we have to buy a domain and hosting on which our web design will be placed and pay for their annual maintenance. Secondly, we have to prepare texts, which will present our offer in an attractive and understandable way. Of course we can create them by ourselves, but we can also use copywriters, who will write personalised texts, containing the optimal number of keywords. When we plan to add another language on our website, we should remember about the cost of text’s translation. When we care about reaching high traffic on the website, it is worth investing in natural positioning or Google Ads advertising campaign. The costs of positioning and advertising are calculated on the basis of type and amount of keywords, their popularity in selected areas, etc.

3. The differences in quotes for the project

It is obvious that when we plan on building a website, we want to compare offers from a few companies. It is often surprising that we get quotes with such disparate prices for the same project. This is the result of the wide diversity of developers on the market. If the project is realised by a freelancer, who does the project after-hours, working from home, it can significantly lower the price of the website. On the other hand, when we contract the project to a digital agency, we give a project to the hands of specialists, not only in programming, but also planning, testing and marketing, what raises the load of work and what follows the cost of the project. The offers of particular freelancers and agencies may also differ, depending on their experience and standards that they keep. The website can be realised relatively fast, but the rush does not usually go together with the precision. Thorough realisation of the web design is preparing a structure, which can be expanded and updated in the future, preparing proper securities, optimising the website according to SEO standards and creating attractive design and architecture according to the UX and UI that facilitates the number of conversions. There are also other things which ensure the appropriate level of co-operation, such as arranging the best solutions for the project, regular communication with the customers in order to inform them about implemented changes, conducting a training session of editing a website or keeping in touch after finalising the project. Therefore, when we pick the cheapest offer, we should consider if the chosen contractor is able to meet all of the above mentioned requirements and keep good quality for this price.