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Individual, personalised, based on a template - which design to choose?

First impression

During the creation of a web design or online store one of the most essential aspects of the project, which ones should devote their attention to is the project's graphic layout. Aesthetic values of our website, online store or application have direct influence on the number of conversions on our site.

This is the visual effect that decides about the first impression, which will be made on the users and which consequently states if they want to explore our website further and eventually choose our services.

Main differences

A question which is frequently asked by the customers, when they select a graphic project, is the difference between an individual graphic design, a personalised project with the use of template’s elements and a graphic design created on the fixed template. It is a crucial aspect, which should be considered depending on our requirements and budget, which we want to devote on the project.

Individual graphic design created from scratch

In case of realising individual projects of a web application, mobile application, web design or online store, the process usually starts with the consultations concerning expectations towards design, structure, animations. Next our team creates step by step the project based on joint arrangements. Thanks to this the project can be perfectly adjusted to precisely defined requirements and expectations of the customer. During this process the customer can freely customise the details of the design and introduce the amendments until the moment of acceptance. The possibilities of personalisation in the individual project are infinite, however the general scope of the project has to be established before the beginning of work. The process of creating individual graphic design is longer and more expensive than a project based typically on a template - without the opportunity to make specific changes. However, the final effect is usually much better.

Personalised project with the use of template’s elements

While creating personalised graphic design we use previously designed sections of the website and then we adapt it to customer’s demands. In this case one of the most crucial differences against individual projects is defined in advance amount of series of amendments in created web design, online store, mobile application or web application. Personalisation allows for such adjustment of graphic design, which will reflect the character of your business. Using single elements of a template and individual changes will distinguish your design from others and basing on ready-made solutions as well as determining the limit of the amendments significantly decreases input of labour and therefore the price of the project.

Project based on a fixed template

Next possibility is creating a graphic design with the use of a particular template. It’s a great solution for people, who don’t have sufficient budget or who request immediate realisation of the project. Low cost and fast realisation are big advantages of this solution. Unfortunately, you have to remember that if we use a fixed template, we have limited ways of personalisation, which confines to change of graphics, colours or fonts. There’s no way of creating individual elements within a website's structure.