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Claim your business through Google Maps - Google My Business

Present Your company in a search engine on Google maps

This solution will help to distinguish your website in Google search engine and simplify contact with customers. You can achieve this by creating a business profile, which will be visible both in search results (as a place on the map) and directly on Google Maps. In your free business profile, you can add all crucial information about the company, as well as publish articles, photos and offers, which will communicate about changes and updates in your company and in result attract customers’ attention.

Accurately prepared business profile will definitely help you to strengthen the relationship with your customers and earn their trust. If clients verify our company’s localisation, see pictures of a place where we work or some sample photos of our assortment, our credibility will increase. Due to this we have better chances that they will choose our services. Furthermore it will also be very helpful as there will be ratings and reviews by our existing customers, thanks to which potential customers can get real opinion about a particular company (of course there are sometimes unfair cases, in which companies buy positive references for themselves). In addition a customer can easily contact you, thanks to the possibility of calling or sending a message by using just one button. What’s more you can place a link to your web design or online store, thanks to which you can increase the number of visits on your website.

It’s worth knowing that your business profile has a chance to appear in the search engine when someone will search for the company by its name (e.g. Sopchy software house) or by more general phrase, referring to the company's activity (e.g. web design Nuneaton). In this case your business profile can display depending on 3 things: how strong the connection between the searched phrase and your profile is, what the distance between you and customer is and how popular your company is on the internet (what’s its score in natural positioning, how many opinions it has, how many links leads to its website, etc.).

Google My Business is a tool, which you can use not only to improve relations with clients, but also to gain information, which are essential for your company’s development. You will get access to statistics, which will tell you how many people have called, made a booking, sent a message or subscribed your profile. You’ll also learn what phrases caused the display of your business profile, how many people viewed your posts or photos and what kind of device they used (desktop or mobile). These are very substantial information, on the basis of which we can enhance our business profile and draw the attention of more and more people.

Google My Business gives many opportunities and because of the fact that it’s free, anyone can use it, without worrying about additional costs. Unfortunately, some marketing companies exploit the ignorance of company’s owners about this and propose paid creation of a business profile in the search engine. They often introduce themselves as Google partners or indirectly name their department in such a way to make the layperson think that he’s talking with Google’s agent. In our opinion these are very unfair market practices. Google My Business is a totally free solution and creating your own profile is very easy and doesn’t demand any technical or marketing knowledge. Additionally Google provided many useful directions for creating a good, valuable profile. Therefore, if you get the proposition of your business profile service, think twice before making the decision or consult with specialists in this field.