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Basic Google analytic tools - Analytics and Search Console

Why are the data about our website users’ behaviour important?

Web designs and online stores are predominantly created for the target group of a particular company. For this reason websites should be regularly updated, to be as much user-friendly as possible. In order to do such updates, we have to know what users' opinions on our website are and what steps they usually undertake after accessing the website. Free Google tools for basic internet analysis, such as Google Analytics or Google Search Console, can be very useful to discover this information.

Google Analytics

It’s one of the most popular Google analytic tools, thanks to which we can explore very important details about users’ behaviour on our website. Google Analytics shows the number of people that visited the website, the amount and type of conversions which were made, as well as what elements of the website were the most or the least interesting for its recipients. What’s more, we learn what the source of the visit was and how much time the user spent on the website. We can also check the users' location and say from which country, city or region they were entering the website. In case of online stores Google Analytics allows for following the sales processes and observing for example which products are viewed the most often, what steps users do before realisation of the order, what usually discourages customers from shopping, etc. All of the above information helps us to determine the target group of company’s web design recipients and consequently personalise further marketing processes, such as remarketing.

Google Analytics gives many key information, which for sure is very useful for each entrepreneur. What will be definitely very helpful is data about our advertising campaigns. Google Analytics will point out which adverts generate the highest traffic and how particular advertisements influence the number of conversions and sales.

Google Search Console

It’s another free analytics tool shared by Google, which gives us a lot of helpful information. At the beginning we can check if our website is visible for Google indexing robots and if they are able to easily decipher each element of the website. If something demands correction, we will be informed about it. However, Search Console is predominantly used to check SEO efficiency, thanks to the possibility of observing how many times our website appeared in search results or which keywords led the user to it. Additionally we can check what traffic is generated by particular keywords, what is the location of the users or what kind of device have been used.

This kind of knowledge is especially substantial for the improvement of natural positioning of the website and advertising campaigns in Google search engine. In this case Search Console will also show us rates for advertising particular phrases, depending on the number of displays or clicks. In turn CTR (Click-Through-Rate) will tell you what the relation of advertising displays to actual entrances into the advert is. All of the above information not only will suggest what budget you have to prepare for the advertising campaign, but most importantly will tell you how to adjust the campaign, so that it could reach the target group and generate as many conversions as possible.