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Optimising Google Ads campaign

Optimisation of the budget for Google Ads campaign

How to reasonably manage the budget for Google Ads campaign

The aim of every entrepreneur, who decides to run Google Ads campaign, is to reach a wide audience and thereby increase the number of customers with preservation of sufficient ROI (return on investment). It’s good to remember that in this case the strategy the more displays and clicks the better, won’t always work and what’s more may lead to fast burnout of the budget and decrease of advertisement’s efficiency. It happens because not everyone, who displays the advert or even clicks on it, is actually interested in our offer. If we want to avoid such a situation, we have to wisely specify the target group, for instance by using key words and then determine the area, where we can find the largest number of people who match our group. We don’t have to include all of the matching localisations at once. At the beginning it’d be better to choose a few smaller areas and expand them successively, if the campaign will bring expected profit.

1. How to control campaign’s efficiency

Google Ads platform shares various kinds of statistics about particular campaigns and advertisements. We can check for instance data about the number of displays, clicks, CTR rate or the number of conversions. Of course all of that information is substantial and helps us to optimise our advertising campaigns, however not all of them will point out the level of efficiency of our advert. For example the number of displays and clicks, as it was already mentioned, doesn’t have to result in an adequate increase of the number of orders. For sure we can get more information about efficiency from conversions and their cost rate - conversions are diverse users behaviour on a website, for example filling a contact form, using live chat or sending an email on provided mail address. All conversions bring customers closer to choosing our offer, however they don’t guarantee that eventually they’ll use our services or finalise buying our product. The most information about advertisement efficiency provides ROI rate, which determines actual return on investment. On its basis we can verify if the advert brings real profits, in comparison to cost incurred.

2. How to estimate the budget to devote on advertising campaign

It's a very individual case for each advertising campaign. The average cost, which should be devoted for our campaign can be calculated thanks to keywords planner, which tells us what the rates for particular phrases are. At the beginning the budget has to be slightly overstated, because of the fact that we have to test numerous options, which will be progressively verified due to their profitability. The longer we run the campaign, the more we know about the fractions of our target group participants and we can rationalise the costs and adjust the content of our ads. Moreover, if we learn which phrases are the most effective, we may use it in planning natural positioning, which may be very helpful in upgrading and keeping our position in a search engine.