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Project maximising the number of interactions with customers, security and comparatively low price, which will not charge financially little companies.

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Online stores for big companies and corporations in Oxford

Personalised design dedicated to particular brand will be its showcase and will modernise work in your company.

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Accurate advertising will increase the efficiency of your online store. See how to enlarge the group of your recipients.

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Sense of aesthetics and intuitive structure will boost the efficiency of your online store. At Sopchy we use the latest trends UX and UI.


Don’t lose your time on redundant activities and modernise your work thanks to integration with the messenger, account system or portals like amazon or eBay.


We guarantee to adopt your online store to all mobile devices. This is why before we end the project we conduct a series of advanced tests.


Online stores created by us have accurate securities, which ensure its stabilisation. It is especially substantial for Open Source online stores systems.


If you want to gain information about online store service, we invite you to contact us. We are willing to answer all of your questions. We are waiting at +44 7541 287643.


If you don’t take care of good promotion of your online store, your offer may be omitted by consumers. Check what to do to expand the extent of your potential clients.

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8 issues concerning online stores, which are worth mentioning (for curious)

We know that not everyone has an opportunity to deepen into the secrets of programming (and we understand that!). For such people we have prepared 8 of the most crucial issues, which you should pay attention to in preparing, estimating and implementing your online store. If you create a solid base for the store, it will meet your expectations and generate profits for your business.

1. Selection of good store system

Each customer has its own unique expectations and needs for his company. This is why we individually match technologies on which the online store is made. At our disposal there are options like WooCommerce, PrestaShop, Magento or Shoper. The first two options are suggested for the companies with not expanded offers and those, which have just started their business. Both opening and working on these systems is comparatively cheap and easy. In turn Magento is dedicated to large companies with elaborate offers. The cost of creating and maintaining the store is much higher and demands special technological knowledge. In return Magento offers us more additional possibilities, for instance conducting few stores from one administrative panel.

Logo of online store system WooCommerce
Logo of online store system PrestaShop
Logo of online store system Magento
Logo of online store system Shoper

2. How to make good impression and gain trust

Trust of clients is a foundation of a good online store. Before the customer starts to revise your assortment, he has to feel good and secure. You have about 5 seconds to make the first impression. Then the visitor will form an opinion about the store, which is difficult to change. The professional layout of the store will help you to gain recipients’ trust and will increase the number of conversions.

3. Interactions of online store users (conversions)

All actions done by the customers within the online store are called the conversions. To illustrate they are: adding products to the basket, making orders, sending emails or filling formulas. The designer of your online store has to prepare such a project, which will enhance the amount of conversions. What facilitates the number of conversions in the online stores are aesthetic presentation of products and a simple way of making the order. Below you can see the way of maximising conversions placed on our web design:

Do you have questions about your online store? Leave us your phone number. We will call you back.

4. Safe, recognisable and comfortable payment system

While choosing a payment system, which you want to use in your store, think about its functionality (servicing of Visa, MasterCard, Google Play, Apple Pay, etc.), how much it is recognised by users and what costs you will bear for using this system. In our offer we have many popular and verified payment systems. The most current of them is PayPal, used by people all over the world. Stripe works best in the United Kingdom. In Germany the most common are Stripe, 2Checkout, PayFast and in Norway the most preferable are DIBS, Klarna i Vipps systems.

Internet payment system VISA
Internet payment system MasterCard
Internet payment system BLIK
Internet payment system Apple Pay

5. Responsive version

A year ago over 80”% of online shopping was made on mobile devices. Currently it is a standard that an online store is compatible with the latest smartphones or tablets. The designer of your online store should take care of not only the correct display of your site on mobile devices (responsiveness), but also the comfort of using the store (according to UI and UX trends). The proper responsive version will enhance the number of recipients of your online store what consequently will influence the number of orders.

6. SEO optimisation

Web browsers have index robots that gather the data from your online stores and put them in a special database, where they are checked according to Google algorithm. This algorithm is unknown for users, but there were predicted some steps that facilitates natural positioning. Firstly, you have to publish valuable content on your site and update it as often as possible. It is beneficial to put key phrases in the headings of our online store. There are h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. When you deal with online stores, in h2 you place a text:

"online stores Oxford"

Of course natural positioning (like online store Oxford) is less complicated and time consuming than in case of positioning on a scale of the whole country. The same can be said about the commonness of your products. If your services are niche, due to smaller competition, it will be easier for you to get to the leading positions of search results. It is also worthy to put links to our website on some other sites or in our own website (for example in the blog section). The linki pages should have a similar theme.

7. Gaining customers

Think that you are before making the decision about the location of your stationary store. Do you choose the crowded city centre with numerous potential customers or the empty outskirts? Analogically to stationary shop location, the most crucial is online store advertisement. There are many free and paid options of promotion. You can focus on SEO and natural positioning in a web browser, create valuable profiles in social media, buy sponsored links in Google Ads, create text or banner adverts on other web designs or place video adverts on YouTube. The traffic on your online store will also improve the recommendations of satisfied customers or your business cards. As you can see, there are many ways of promotion, but you have to choose the most effective ones for your business.

8. Maintenance and safety of online store

You shouldn't underestimate the role of the server, on which the online store is placed. Analysing the store system, its functions and the number of recipients we establish the form of safeties and component productivity. Delving this subject demands special technological knowledge, however you should think of the most universal aspect of this case, like RAM memory amount, scalability of resources or the amount of created backup copies of files and database (the best 1 each day) and the cost of their restoring (it should be free).

Frequent questions

What is the cost and the time of realisation of an online store?

The variety of website designs is huge. Therefore, we can specify the approximate price and lead time after discussing your expectations. Fill out the website pricing form - we will contact you within 1 business day.

How do we conclude online store contract?

We start co-operation on the day of signing the contract. We can conclude it fully remotely (up to GBP 50,000 net) or at a meeting in the office of one of the parties.

Do you conduct online store training?

Of course! We will show you how to manage products and sales, change contact details, add new photos, etc. Remember that our technical support also applies after completing work on your online store.

Do I have to appear in your office?

The specificity of our industry allows us to implement projects 100% remotely. After all, we like to host clients in our office. Therefore, if you feel like it, we invite you for a cup of freshly ground coffee and a cake.

How to pronounce the name "Sopchy"?

By definition, we pronounce it in accordance with English phonetics, which is simply [Sop Hy] (this is a very simplified phonetic notation!). You can pronounce it in any way you want.