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Design created with a thought of conversions, safety and comparatively low costs, which will not burden the budget of a small company.

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Online stores for large companies and corporations in Coventry

A project created from scratch for a selected brand will 100% reflect its character and facilitate handling of thousands of orders.

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Online stores without appropriate advertising are not effective enough. We will help you to obtain new customers.

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The standard of our online stores in Coventry


Regardless of industry and style of an online store, a good project has to mix aesthetics and cohesive structure. This is why we use and create the latest UX and UI trends at Sopchy.


Save your time and invest in the integration of an online store with a logistics company, accounting system, portals like eBay or Amazon.


We use convenient solutions for the users of mobile devices. Additionally before we complete our work we do a range of advanced tests of an online store.


We attach additional protection to each online store, which guarantees its stable operation. It is especially important with Open Source systems.


If you have any doubts about the operating company's online store, you can ask us for free help. We are available at number +44 7541 287643.


Even the best online store lacking sufficient advertising may not bring desired results. We will gladly tell you how to achieve your target group.

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8 Key factors of an online store (for the inquisitive)

We realise that many entrepreneurs may not have time to delve into the details of programming (and that's okay!). Especially for them we prepared the depiction of 8 key aspects, which have to be taken into consideration before creating a satisfying online store. Be aware that poorly prepared online store will not be profitable, on the contrary it will be an unnecessary expense.

1. Selection of the appropriate store system

When we scrutinise the needs of the customer, we deal with the selection of an optimal store system, which in a long run will be the most convenient for the store. We can choose from the WooCommerce store system, PrestaShop, Magento and Shopify and some others. WooCommerce and PrestaShop are perfect for less extensive stores. Their main features are low costs of creating and expansion of an online store. On the other side appropriate security (assured by us) assures stable operation. Magento is dedicated to really big and elaborated online stores. In this system the cost of creation and extension of the store is higher and requires advanced programming knowledge. However, Magento provides us more possibilities. Its main feature is, among others, the possibility of running several stores in one administrative panel.

Logo systemu do sklepów internetowych WooCommerce
Logo systemu do sklepów internetowych PrestaShop
Logo systemu do sklepów internetowych Magento
Logo systemu do sklepów internetowych Shopify

2. First impression (trust)

If you think that a good and attractive offer is enough to guarantee many orders, you are wrong. In e-commerce trust is one of the most important aspects. If a client considers your store to be untrustworthy, the chances for order are equal to zero. This is why the majority of budget online stores are closed before the actual "opening". Statistically, the first 5 seconds are the most crucial. After this time it is hard to impact on someone's opinion - even when it is unfair. If your online store makes a good impression from the very beginning, your chances for conversion will increase. We explained what conversions mean in point 3.

3. Orders and inquiries about the offer in online stores (conversions)

Conversion is each order, phone contact, request for an offer, filling out the contact form or adding a product to your favorites in the browser - all of the expected actions of the client. The target of the online store creator is to increase the number of conversions. Main focus should be put on the intuitive way of adding them to the basket and the length of the ordering path. Below form is an example of maximising conversions used by us:

Do you have any questions about the online store? Leave us your phone number. We will call you back.

4. A secure, recognisable and convenient payment system

Do you know what to pay attention to while choosing a payment system for your online store? Before you decide, look at its recognition among target clients, functionality (e.g. support for VISA and MasterCard,Google Pay, Apple Pay) as well as initial and fixed costs. We can propose a number of proven systems. PayPal is one of the most universal and recognisable systems in the world. Stripe works best in the United Kingdom. In Norway DIBS, Klarna and Vipps work best and in Germany systems like Stripe, 2Checkout, PayFast are the most preferable. If you can't see the payment system, which you follow, tell us about it! We will investigate the possibility of its integration with your online store.

System płatności interneotwych VISA
System płatności interneotwych MasterCard
System płatności interneotwych BLIK
System płatności interneotwych Apple Pay

5. Responsive version

Have you heard that a year ago most (82%) of online shopping was done via mobile devices? For this reason the online store adapted to the latest smartphones and tablets is currently the norm. The creator of your online store should take care of both correct display of the project in the mobile (responsive) version and convenience of its use (trends of intuitive use of UX and UI). A refined responsive version can substantially increase the number of orders - especially if you don't have a regular customer base yet.

6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Firstly, you have to realise how the web browser works. In a nutshell - robots index data collected from websites and save them in a database. Retained data are scrutinised according to an algorithm designed by Google specialists. At present the amount of specific content on an online store and the regularity of its updating have the biggest impact on positioning. The more often you update the content, the better. In SEO it is significant to locate selected keywords in correct headings of an online store. We can choose from: h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6. For instance, if we are interested in "online stores'' phrase, in h2 headline we write

"online stores Coventry"

Take into account that local positioning (e.g. online stores Coventry) is much simpler, because of fewer competitors on the market. The same rule applies to the popularity of your assortment - niche products and categories will appear in leading positions much faster. Within common products it is laborious and time consuming to be in TOP 10 in England, however it is possible. The second thing which should be well-thought are links to your website. They can come both from your online store (e.g. from the blog section) or some other website (it's the best when linked pages are thematically connected). The redirect to the offer of creating web designs below is an example:

7. Gain customers in the online store

Imagine that you want to open a stationary store in your city. Which location will you choose: a crowded city centre or empty outskirts of the town? The equivalent of a stationary store placement is an online store advertisement. There are numerous ways of promotion (paid and free). At your disposal there are: natural search engine results (SEO and positioning), paid search engine links (Google Ads - formerly AdWords), banner ads on other websites (Google Ads), YouTube ads (Google Ads), entrances to the online store on the recommendation (word of mouth, your clients' facebook, business cards), access to the store from social media (profile of your business) and many others. If you have some more questions about achieving your target group, contact us. We will be glad to suggest some solutions for your business.

8. Maintenance and security of the online store

Wide range of programmers do not recognise how important is a server, on which the online store is placed. We pay attention to efficiency and safety of components depending on the store system, number of users and online store functions. However, in order to understand this aspect well, special knowledge about SysOps and DevOps is required, which you don't need to have. The amount of disk space,the amount of available RAM, optional resource scalability, the regularity of making autonomous backup copies of files and the database (optimally if such a copy is created daily), the cost of restoring the backup of files and the database (preferably if it is 0 GBP) are universal aspects, which should be looked-out.

Frequent questions

What is the cost and the time of realisation of an online store?

The variety of website designs is huge. Therefore, we can specify the approximate price and lead time after discussing your expectations. Fill out the website pricing form - we will contact you within 1 business day.

How do we conclude online store contract?

We start co-operation on the day of signing the contract. We can conclude it fully remotely (up to GBP 50,000 net) or at a meeting in the office of one of the parties.

Do you conduct online store training?

Of course! We will show you how to manage products and sales, change contact details, add new photos, etc. Remember that our technical support also applies after completing work on your online store.

Do I have to appear in your office?

The specificity of our industry allows us to implement projects 100% remotely. After all, we like to host clients in our office. Therefore, if you feel like it, we invite you for a cup of freshly ground coffee and a cake.

How to pronounce the name "Sopchy"?

By definition, we pronounce it in accordance with English phonetics, which is simply [Sop Hy] (this is a very simplified phonetic notation!). You can pronounce it in any way you want.