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Software house - discovery call

Discovery call - the first step of cooperation with a software house

Discovery call - first step

Discovery call is nothing else than a conversation, during which the software house’s team tries to get as much information and details of the realised project as possible. Such discussion helps us to recognise client’s concrete demands. On the other hand customers can learn about the possibilities of our team and verify if they fit into their expectations.

What does a discovery call look like?

Most frequently it is a video call - this way of communication is very effective, because we can not only talk with each other and see with whom we will work, but also share a screen, send substantial files or save the most crucial fragments of a conversation. The dialog lasts from a dozen to several dozen minutes. It all depends on how much the project is elaborated and how many aspects and functionalities have to be discussed. Usually at the beginning of a discovery call, the contractor tells us about his project. Next we ask questions about elements that we would like to initially specify. When we get the answers, we propose available solutions and we consider all of the pros and cons together (taking into account not only a primary version of a software, but also a direction of development).

How to prepare for a discovery call?

Most importantly you shouldn’t worry that if you don’t have technical knowledge, you won’t be able to pass any information about your project. It is enough if you will prepare a list of functions and features of your project and our team after asking about the details will propose the best technical solution for you. Before a call you should think about the way in which you would like to develop the project and what will be an approximate amount of its users.

Another essential factor is a graphic design of the project. Exploration of your design preferences not only helps us to get to know your taste, but also to determine the cost and the realisation time of the project. Therefore you can think about some other websites, online stores or applications (not only of your competitors), that you find aesthetically or architecturally attractive. For the inquisitive, we have prepared a separate article about types of graphic designs created with the thought of websites, online stores and apps.

If you already have a web design, an online store or an application and want to update or expand it, tell us about your experience with its realisation. The major themes which are worth mentioning are what you like the most in your project, what you find redundant, if you had any problems with the smooth operation of the project and what was their possible source and how the cooperation with your previous service provider looked like.