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Cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Preferential terms of cooperation during the COVID-19 pandemic

Currently many entrepreneurs are having a hard time because of the COVID-19 pandemic. We absolutely understand that and we don’t want them to resign from investments in their company’s development. This is why we have decided to implement flexible ways of settlement with our software house. We have provided for you below the possibilities of co-operation with us, to which you wouldn't have to worry about going over your planned budget.

Extension of the payment deadline

If you need to extend the payment deadline, let us know about it. Depending on the type of a project, we can prolong the settlement period for our services - for web designs and online stores up to 4 months and for the web and mobile applications even up to 6 months.

Payment in installments

Our software house prefers dividing the payment in two equal installments. The first one is paid after concluding an agreement with a customer. The second one is paid after the completion of the whole project. However, if you wish to spread the payment into more installments, you are welcomed to do so. We can propose spreading your payment even into four installments (or more, depending on your needs).

Contact us and check how we can arrange a method of payment for your project. We’ll willingly talk with you and discuss available solutions, which will positively influence accounting liquidity of your business.

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