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Choosing a template

CMS or Templed- Choose the solution for your website

CMS vs. Templed

The decision about creating a website is an important step towards business development. Web design is not only a modern way to present a company and its offer, but it is a real chance to gain new customers. Of course some people believe that they don’t need a website, because they already have a lot of work, but they obviously don’t realise that thanks to extending the range of potential customers they could choose between jobs and select the most attractive and the best paid orders.

If you have decided to create a website, you probably know more or less what you expect from it. Before starting a project, you should think about all of the content and functions that you want to have on your website. Apart from functionality another crucial thing is design. It is good to determine how our website should look. This information will help you to choose the best solution on which you can base your project. Generally the most popular solutions for creating a website are CMS (Content Management System) and website generators. Below you will learn what aspects are essential while choosing one of them.

1. Templed Websites

Templed is a substitute for website generators, thanks to which you can create your own website by filling a simple short form. You don’t have to build a website on your own - it will be done by Templed programmers, who have great experience in web development. Templed is a perfect tool for creating simple, informative websites. It’s the best for people who require simple content, professional design, efficient hosting and proper SEO optimisation. Templed is predominantly dedicated to small and medium business owners or those who have just launched their business and look for a quick and low-paid way to create a website. Templed websites are based on modern and intuitive templates. The template may be adjusted to suit your business character by adding personalised texts, graphics, changing colours and types of fonts. You don’t have to use any website building panel. All you have to do is to prepare texts and graphics for your website. Templed team will create a website, buy your own domain name and hosting. You can also add some basic functions to your website, for example newsletter or live chat. If you think that the above features are for you, contact Templed team and create your website in just 2 working days.

2. CMS

Content Management Systems are good for people, who expect more elaborated and advanced websites or require individual design and functions. CMS systems enable multidimensional management of the website’s content. Such systems are good for people who often publish new content on the website, for example posts, realisations, etc. CMS gives more flexibility of editing and developing the website. Thanks to a range of plugins and modules, we can add various functionalities and integrations. There are many ways to build a website using CMS, but to fully use the potential of the system, you will need some technical skills. So if you don’t have any technical skills, you should contact a software house or digital agency which will help you. The later edition of the project is rather easy. You won’t need the help of programmers. The contractor of your website should explain to you the basics of the selected CMS system, so you can operate it by yourself.