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Web & mobile applications

Every year we develop or update nearly 80% of completed projects.

Web (internet) applications and systems

They can have a wide range of functionalities. Using web applications is possible by a browser on any device - computer, tablet, smartphone.

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Man working on a web application in the office.
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Mobile applications (Android & iOS)

Created with the selected operating system in mind (Android or iOS). The use of mobile applications is possible after installation on the selected device.

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The standard of our applications


We optimise all tasks operated by applications so with high traffic their owners will not be exposed to the costs associated with the required IT infrastructure resources (i.e. server computing power).


We use flexible solutions with a wide range of built-in functions or a large catalog of external modules created by experienced programmers.


When choosing the technology and designing the architecture of a web or mobile application, we take into account the direction of project development planned for the coming years.


Web and mobile applications created by our team meet security standards and undergo a number of penetration tests before publishing the final version.


If you need support in using the application, you can contact us for help. We are available at +44 7541 287643.


If your application is geared towards making commercial functions available to users, we will gladly tell you how to reach potential customers.

In recent years, we've worked with many wonderful people.
Their opinion is very important to us.

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3 key issues related to create applications

Web (internet) applications and mobile applications are very complex concepts. Below we have prepared a list of three basic aspects that are worth paying attention to when planning, valuing and implementing a project.

1. Technologies used to build the application

Based on the type of application, its purpose and budget, we suggest choosing the technologies that we think will work best for the project. The most important factors include: efficiency, functionality, flexibility, scalability and development. To avoid problems with an update and expansion in the following years, in most cases we suggest using popular or new, but quickly gaining popularity solutions such as Laravel, Reacj JS, Vue JS, React Native, Flutter...

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2. Efficiency of web and mobile applications

The final loading time of the application is mainly influenced by: the efficiency of the application itself and the available IT infrastructure resources (i.e. server computing power). When the application itself fails and generates a heavy load on the infrastructure through many non-optimised processes, we can increase its resources - but this is only a "symptom treatment". In the long run, such a solution can negatively affect your business. With heavy traffic, the cost of maintaining a powerful server unit will be huge. Therefore, it is extremely important to properly design the application architecture and optimise the code responsible for data handling.

3. Methodology of work on applications used by Software House Sopchy

When creating web and mobile applications, we prefer the Scrum / Agile methodology. Properly used allows for relatively quick and flexible project implementation. In general, it consists of collecting a list of functions of the web application or mobile application, determining their priority and joining the work, which is divided into so-called "sprints". Each "sprint" usually lasts from 1 to 4 weeks and brings further functionalities available to users. After each sprint, the client and the team of programmers discuss the changes and set new goals and their priority.

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Frequent questions

What is the cost and time of realisation of a web application / mobile application?

The variety of web and mobile application projects is almost endless. Therefore, we can specify the approximate price and lead time after discussing your expectations. Fill out the application pricing form - we will contact you within 1 business day.

How to start co-operation?

We start co-operation on the day of signing the contract. We can conclude it fully remotely (up to GBP 50,000 net) or at a meeting in the office of one of the parties.

How to pronounce the name "Sopchy"?

By definition, we pronounce it in accordance with English phonetics, which is simply [sɒptʃiː] (this is a very simplified phonetic notation!). You can pronounce it in any way you want.